About Us

We are group of genuine property investors operating across the UK. On this web page you can purchase below market value and lease option leads as well as ready made packaged deals from your desired area.

Our Package Deals

All package deals featured on our webpage are entered into a signed ‘option to buy’ agreement and we provide all details on their specific sub page. By purchasing ready-made deals from our webpage, you can buy a house with no money down (lease option), or you can get a deal which is below market value and instantly have thousands of pounds in equity.

Our Leads

As we cannot possibly negotiate and purchase all of the leads for ourselves, which we are getting through our extensive and expensive marketing campaigns, we source and offer many good leads for your desired areas for a fee.

All our leads are pre-qualified with specific questions and you can find two kinds of leads here; BMV leads and Lease Option leads.

BMV leads – When a seller fills in our online form, they have to give a valuation of their house as well as their valuation method. You will have all important information and now is up to you to find out what the seller is looking to achieve and negotiate with them an agreement that suits you both.

Lease Option leads – A lot of our motivated sellers have too big a mortgage left on the property to be in a position to sell below market value. Sometimes sellers will be already familiar with LO terms, but in most cases, you will need to explain to them how you can help them, as a Genuine Property investor.

On our web form we ask sellers all the important questions regarding their property and mortgage, and every seller needs to spend a good amount of time on our website complete our questionnaire, which is a sure indication of their motivation. That’s why all our leads are much better and more qualified than most leads you will find from other providers.

Before purchasing any lead or deal from Genuine Property Investments, you need to read and agree with our Terms of Use.

Remember that lead conversion is number’s game and that you cannot expect to convert every lead into a deal.