Q: How can I buy leads from your website?

A: Very easy! Just browse among our available leads, and if you are happy and want to buy some lead, just click ‘Add to cart’ button. After that this lead will be in your shopping cart and you need to pay using PayPal. Immediately after paying you will get sellers contact details on your email and this lead will be marked like ‘SOLD’ for other investors. Please have in mind that you need to contact seller within three days from purchase.


Q: How good (qualified) are your leads?

A: Leads which you can purchase from our site are without doubt the best leads you can find in the UK market. Find out why, in our ‘About Us‘ page.


Q: How can I buy packaged deals from your website?

A: Each deal advertised on our page has enough information for you to carry out your own due diligence. If you find a deal which you want to purchase, you need to click under that deal button to ‘REGISTER YOUR INTEREST’. Then someone from our team will contact you (usually by email or phone) and we will send you an invoice for the reservation fee. After paying your reservation fee we will provide you with all necessary documentation and contacts so you can proceed with a purchase. Please have in mind that you are bound with our terms of service.


Q: Can you help me negotiate with the seller?

A: Certainly. We have team of trained negotiators who can negotiate with the seller in your name. Even the best leads will require good negotiation skills before converting them into deals and our team members are doing that every day and they are much more likely to close deals than untrained investors or negotiators. If you want to use our deal closer service for just £50+VAT please contact us.


Q: What if I cannot get in touch with the seller?

A: We are doing our best that all our leads are genuine and when you purchase a lead from our website you will get all the contact details which that seller left us when he applied for a quick house sale. With every lead you will also get the seller’s IP address which he used when filling in the online form – this is a good indicator that the seller is in the UK and not from another country. However, we cannot guarantee that details provided by sellers are 100% correct, including their contact details. So if you cannot get in contact with the seller within 72 hours from purchasing a lead, you need to contact us and we will try to get in touch with the seller on your behalf. If in next 48-72 hours we cannot get in touch with the seller, we will offer you a replacement lead or a refund.


Q: I have closed a very good below market value deal, can I sell it on your webpage?

A: Please get in contact with us and send us all information about your deal and we will discuss how we can cooperate!


Q: I am lead provider, can I sell my leads on GPI webpage?

A: It depends how good and how qualified your leads are. We are only offering best quality leads to our investors, so if you think that your leads are good enough, please contact us.